Zoom Saddle Bag
Zoom Saddle Bag
Zoom Saddle Bag
Zoom Saddle Bag

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Saddle Bag

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As versatile saddle bags get.

The saddle bag is construction from durable woven nylon. The expandable material allows you to store (and cram) as much of your goods as you need. The buckles allow for the bag to attach itself to the rails and seat post. The water-resistant design will ensure that all your items remain dry.

Key Features:

  • Durable woven nylon construction
  • Secure buckle system
  • Water resistant design
  • Expandable with memory shape

Durable woven nylon construction

Hand-made with durable woven nylon means our bags will handle anything you throe at it.

Secure buckle system

Our custom buckle system is design to give you piece of mind by ensuring your bag is completely secure.

Water resistant design

Our fabric and sealed zips ensures that your valuables will remain dry no matter the weather.

Expandable with memory shape

Feel free to cram as much as you can within the bag thanks to its expandable material with memory shape technology.

what's included

  • Saddle bag


you're in good company

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This product is everything I was looking for in a set of bike lights.

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